Learn To Swim According To Your Pace!

For swimming enquiries call 012-2233321 or 03-79600539


Here you will learn to swim in a group by our team of instructors. You will follow a schedule but don’t worry we will follow your pace. This programme is for children ages 4-12.

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If you or your child is not comfortable with learning in a group. We suggest you sign up for private lessons. Here you can set the time for one on one lessons with one of our instructors.

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It doesn’t matter if you are young or into your senior years, we can teach you to swim with one-to-one lessons. For some, it may take longer for desired results, but we’ll follow your pace

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            WE PROMISE

You or your child will learn to swim with the proper and correct technique so that you don’t injure yourself and stay safe in the water.


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What parents and students say about us….

“Thanks Bernard and the instructors of EC Swim for their patience and encouragement towards my 2 kids. They are now definitely more confident little swimmers!!”

Chew Ling Chong

“All BELOVED COACHES! All of YOU   understand the emotional needs of the child and you all blend that understanding with your expert swim instruction so wonderfully. Wayne is so blessed to have you all Thanks again.”


“Thank you EC Swim for giving me such a wonderful experience and guiding me towards great success!  Bernard, my patient and understanding swimming instructor, provides constructive feedback and tailors his lessons according to your abilities and needs.”


Swimming packages for schools

Group packages for schools on school premises or at ECSwim School’s own transportation Progress reports to keep track of each individual student’s progress. To know more, contact me at +6012-2233321



Our swimming center is a private area so you can be sure that your swimming experience is safe and secluded.


All our coaches are well trained swimmers so you can have peace of mind that you are in safe hands when you learn with us.


All our instructors have a passion to provide quality learning expetiences and help you achieve your ideal goal in swimmimg.

Friends & Partners

We work together with several companies and schools to enhance our service.

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