Hi! I’m Bernard Yee. I’m the founder and swim-instructor of EC Swim. I’ve been teaching children and adults how to swim for over 30 years. Throughout my experience and watching my fellow instructors teach swimming, it is obvious that everyone learns how to swim differently. That is why, although the programme is structured, we have to vary our approach to each individual. Book a FREE-TRIAL to assess our pool and teaching methods.

what is a free trial?

When you come for a free trial, you can to get into the pool and meet our swimming instructors while experiencing our teaching methods to decide if ecswim is the right place for you to learn to swim. 

Our ‘free-trial’ will also help both, you and your instructor, to manage expectations and customize your needs to your learning abilities. It will also help us to determine how many lessons you need. 

During the ‘free-trial we will assess whether you are able to float? Are you able to drop your face beneath the water? If you can swim a little, what you need to work on? and What are your fears and challenges?

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