swimming is a life skill


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thank you for visiting our blog at EC Swim. In this ‘swimming blog’ we will talk about anything and everything related to swimming and swimming lessons. We will focus more on why swimming lessons are so important these days, not just for exercise purposes, but also as a great way for personal development such as:

Building self-esteem

In our swimming blog, we will highlight research that have shown how swimming can improve one’s self-esteem.

Building Confidence

It can sometimes be seen that people who swim are more likely to faces challeges with a more positive outlook, having conquered the fear of water, it has instill in them an ‘can-do’ attitude.

Improving social skills

Having an outing at the beach or a pool can often encourage a more participatory attitude and with this, opening up and making friends with strangers will help an individual develop social skills.

Learning to focus

In the beginning, when you learn to swim you will discover that there is a need to be veru focused on each task, such as hand, leg and breathing techniques. This will help you develop the ability to be more focused.
swimming is a life skill

Is Swimming A Lifeskill?

You’d probably know by now that water is a magnet for children. They love to play with and in water, but are not aware of the dangers of it. You’ll never know when they might be caught in an emergency situation, and swimming could just save their life! [Read now]

Kids Swimming Lesson Benefits

Kids Swimming Lessons Benefits

Every parent want their child to get a head start in life and swimming has proven to be just the right choice for mental development. Here we will list “The top 5 benefits of swimming you didn’t know can help your child.” [Read now]



What Do You Need For Your Swimming Class in PJ?

Swimming is often described as an inexpensive sport, because all you need is a swimming suit.However, if you’re really into swimming here are “The 10 things you should bring for your swimming class” [Read now]

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